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Friday, June 29, 2007

My nomination for a Millstone award:

Look at this article:

A betrothal proposal

Then do a Google on Michael G. Lawler and Gail S. Risch

This passes for moral reasoning:

Recent focus groups of young Catholic adults on “problematic aspects of church teaching” found that they disagreed with church teaching on premarital sex and cohabitation and do not see a fundamental difference in a loving relationship before and after a wedding. Our experience with young adults leads us to doubt the claim that they are living in sin. It would appear closer to the truth that they are growing, perhaps slowly but nonetheless surely, into grace.

The most recent and respected marriage research identifies two kinds of cohabitors: those who are not committed to marriage, whom we name “non-nuptial cohabitors,” and those already committed to marriage, perhaps even engaged, whom we name “nuptial cohabitors.”

“Couples who live together with no definite plan to marry are in a completely different situation from cohabiting couples already committed to marrying one another.”

Not married to old ideas

Young adult Catholics have decidedly different views about marriage from those of previous generations. Among the surprising opinions they tell focus group researchers:

• Many participants affirm marriage as an important goal but say they do not know what the church teaches about it.

• They cite confusion about church teaching because church leaders send mixed messages about sex, contraception, and divorce/annulment.

• Some disagree with church teaching on premarital sex and cohabitation.

• They do not see a difference between a loving relationship before and after a wedding.

• The most common area of disagreement with church teaching is contraception.

• Marriage preparation should begin earlier than just before the wedding, optimally in the family, certainly in high school.

• Young couples should be matched with older married couples to mentor them before and after their wedding.

• A majority do not see parishes as helpful to them before or after their wedding.

—MGL and GSR

So “what they feel” “do not see” or their “views” trump Divine Revelation...

Arrrggghh! (You’d think after 25 years of this crap I’d be used to it...)

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