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Monday, April 02, 2007

Father Euteneuer: Amnesty International
Would be their ‘Own Enemy’

FRONT ROYAL, VA — “If Amnesty International (AI) drops their neutral stance on
abortion they will have become their own enemy, and become complicit in one of the
greatest human rights abuses of all time: abortion on demand,” said Rev. Thomas J.
Euteneuer, STL, president of Human Life International (HLI).

“It was bad enough they were neutral on the crime of abortion in the first place, but if they
drop even that they switch sides to stand on the side of tyrants and genocide throughout
history,” Father Euteneuer said. “The failure to see the plight of the unborn for the
injustice that it is represents a grave moral blindness, not a sensitivity to the oppressed.”

Father Euteneuer was responding reports that Amnesty International, UK, has endorsed
legal abortion. An International Council meeting is scheduled for August 2007 in Mexico
to decide the issue worldwide.

“The international abortion lobby has been trying to have abortion declared a ‘human
right’ by trying to manipulate UN conferences and international treaty instruments. Thus
far they have failed.” Father Euteneuer said. “If AI caves to this pressure, it would
represent not principle, but abandonment of principle to ugly, bald-faced ideology. It
would render every unborn child—especially in the developing world—a political prisoner
in the womb.”

“If they go through with this,” he added, “they will have lost one of their strongest allies in
the cause of human rights: the Catholic Church.”

“Peter Benenson,” the Catholic convert and lawyer who founded Amnesty International in
1961, “must be rolling in his grave.” Father Euteneuer said.

Human Life International

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