Mallon's Media Watch

Mallon's Media Watch

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sean Hannity attacked Father Euteneuer (absurdly) asking essentally why he was picking on him and not doing something on the priest scandals. Of course father Tom was disgusted by the scandals. Sean said he never read any articles by Fr. Tom on this. Apparently he didn't bother to look. Here is a partial list of his work on this and other scandals. For more go here. (Individual links to follow)

Fr. Euteneuer’s comments on sex abuse scandal and other Catholic issues

May 5, 2003—To Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and 48 “Catholic” Apostates in Congress

September 22, 2005—You Can’t Have It Both Ways [on homosexuals in the seminary]

Spirit and Life e-newsletter:

October 27, 2006— Father Drinan and Attila the Hun

October 6, 2007— Clerical Contraception

August 25, 2006— An Open Letter to [“Catholic”] Melinda Gates

May 5, 2006—The Condom Anti-Pope

April 21, 2006—High Profile Apostasy [concerning “Catholics” Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes]

February 10, 2006—Clerical Faith Abuse

Various press releases and statements:

October 4, 2006—HLI Responds to Reports that Foley was Victim of Sexual Molestation by Clergyman

March 1, 2006—Catholic House Democrats publicly defy Catholic teaching on Abortion

February 1, 2006—Catholic Priest responds to Senate Democrats’ nearly unanimous opposition to Justice Alito

July 9, 2005—Catholic Priest reminds Senate Democrats of Article VI of the United States Constitution

July 16, 2004—HLI Calls for Excommunication of St. Lucia’s Governor-General

March 14, 2002— Lucifer Was an Alumnus of Heaven Too [on “Catholic” Kim Gandy]