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Saturday, March 17, 2007
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Friday, March 16, 2007

I have taken my Blog out of mothballs to defend my friend, Father Tom Euteneuer, from a cheap shot on a blog here

My reply to him in his comment box, if he uses it:

What are you talking about? Fr. Euteneuer showed great pastoral love towards Hannity performing a spiritual work of Mercy. He offered to speak to him privately in 2004 and was ignored. Hannity invited him on the show and obviously underestimated the priest. You obviously have never met Fr. Euteneuer if you think he has any time for gloating.

Why aren't you cheering that a Catholic priest had a victory in breaking through the wall of silence the media has when it comes to an intelligent presentation of the Church's position on contraception?

What is the position of this Blog on the topic?

Anyone claiming to be orthodox who besmirches Fr. Euteneuer's public witness on H&C is either jealous or has a bad case of sour grapes.

Hannity's past arrogant statements on the topic gave scandal and needed a rebuke and he got a good one from a good rock-solid priest. We don't just need more priests like Fr. Euteneuer, we need more bishops like him. (According to your Blog, so do England and Wales.)

What are you thinking?