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Mallon's Media Watch

Wednesday, September 24, 2003


If there is anyone out there who values this site enough to have considered making a donation, now would be a great time. As always, I am reluctant to solicit, but my car spontaneously burst into flames at 4 am Sunday morning. I have never heard of this happening before. It hadn't been driven since 9 pm. I was asleep when it happened. (Gee, could the devil be mad at me? I didn't think I was giving him many problems lately...) Thank God it was in a car port and not in a garage attatched to a house. Firemen speculated it was an electrical short.

A young man (who may well have been an angel) saw the flames from a nearby street, drove in, woke the neighbors, who woke me, called the fire department, and was spraying it with a garden house when I came out.

Soon the fire department came and extinguished it, but the car was a total loss. A friend found another car for me and talked the dealer down from $2,900 to $1,600. They are holding my check until I get the insurance check, but it will still fall short, and I afraid my direct withdraw on my mortgage will bounce. I am (barely) living on unemployment at the moment, but hanging in there.

As mentioned before, I have been unemployed for 11 months. Between the post-9/11 economy and the Church scandals times are tough. I suppose every Catholic is suffering in some way from this mess, but the inturruption in giving prodded by people like "Voice of the 'Faithful'" (who urged people to give to them instead of legitimate Church agencies—only to make grand PR gestures of offering large "donations" to the bishops and berating them when they refused), has hurt everything Church-related (except dissenters like VOTF).

Of course, being orthodox is also a handicap when trying to find Church-related work.

Anyway, if you are inclined to make a donation to Mallon's Media Watch it would be much appreciated. Just use the PayPay button to the left.

Many Thanks in Christ,