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Mallon's Media Watch

Monday, July 28, 2003

Your Humble Servant to Speak to CUF in Dallas

CUF Member:

We are ready to start up the 2003-2004 St. Stephen the Martyr Lecture Series here in Dallas! Next week!

Thursday, August 7 takes us south to the Carmelite monastery on Davis St.
(NOT FLOWERS STREET!)in Oak Cliff, home of the friars (NOT THE NUNS!).

Dr. Thomas Madden from the University of St. Louis History Department (he is the head of the department!) will enthrall us with his talk on that favored
topic of "The Spanish Inquisition: Myth vs. Reality." Talk starts at 7 PM.
Park in the front and follow the crowd! Thanks to the Carmelites for
hosting us!

Thursday, August 28 brings us John Mallon, contributing editor from Inside the Vatican and frequent contributor to Catholic periodicals, and formerly spokesman for the Archbishop of Oklahoma City.

He will speak at Blessed Sacrament on Marsalis at 7 PM on the topic "My
Friends the Archangels." I would also point out his knowledge of Rome and
the workings of the Vatican. That is fertile field for questions.

September 23-October 1, the Carmelites make their way to Blessed Sacrament for a "road trip" and the St. Therese Novena of talks each night in
preparation for the Feast Day of St. Therese. Talks each day from 12-1 PM
or 7-8 PM. Mass from 6-6:50 each and Confessions during the talks.

Thursday, October 9, we have the privilege of a visit from chaplain and
director of the Newman Foundation at the University of Illinois, Msgr.
Stuart Swetland.

He has great mastery of the Church's social teaching and will present on
this evening "Patriotism, Politics, and the Pope: The Rights and Duties of
Citizenship for Catholic Americans." Great topic!

That will be at Blessed Sacrament at 7 PM

Then, Friday, October 10, "Beyond Platitudes or Platforms: Recovering the
Catholic Social Tradition." That will be at St. Mark's in Plano at the
Community Center at 7 PM.

Then, I will remember to pray for you all in Rome as I go to Mother Teresa's
beatification, The Holy Father's 25th Anniversary Mass, and the end of the
Year of the Rosary celebrations! I shall offer special prayers for CUF
members in St. Peter's Basilica.

We are close signing up another great speaker for October 23.

November 6 and 7, we welcome a fine man to Dallas. This is going to be

Dr. Raymond Dennehy, author of Anti-Abortionist At Large: How To Argue
Abortion Intelligently And Live To Tell About It, will speak on his recent
book one night.

This is a personal story of almost forty years debating abortion on radio,
television, and univeristy campuses that also shapes up as an anecdotal
history of the pro-life movement and a handbook for debating against

He will speak the next night on a topic we are still deciding on because he
has great versatility, but he is a very interesting man and whatever we
decide, you will enjoy the talk and Dr. Dennehy.

We are working on late November and early December talks too. We will have
talks just about every two weeks this fall from August to December. You
have ample opportunity to make yourselves known and not simply be on a list!

Finally, I announce to you that I have been selected to join the Board of
Directors of Catholics United for the Faith International.

This is a policy setting body for the worldwide CUF apostolate, that is a
great leaven in the United State in particular.

The fact that prominent bishops in the United States find it an honor to
lend their names to the CUF Episcopal Board; the fact the Board of Advisors
is made of some the finest Catholic leaders, clerical and lay, in the
country; the fact that CUF enjoys a stellar reputation in Rome and beyond
for its long-standing faithfulness and coperation in the universal Church's
mission; and the fact that the people I have most respected in my life from
saints, who lived long ago but who would certainly have supported CUF, to
living men and woman of our time, would and do enthusiastically support CUF; all these make this a humbling and undeserved honor, but one for which I am joyfully grateful! Pray that I have something to contribute!

See ya' at a talk!

In Christ,

Kirk Kuykendall,
Chairman St. Stephen the Martyr Chapter Catholics United for the Faith


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Sunday, July 27, 2003