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Saturday, October 12, 2002

A New Blogger!

Carol McKinley of Faithful Voice:

Magisterial Fidelity


Friday, October 11, 2002


NEWARK, New Jersey, Oct 11, 02 ( - Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark this week banned the group Voice of the Faithful from archdiocesan property as he called the organization "anti-Church and, ultimately, anti-Catholic."

Writing in the diocesan newspaper, Archbishop Myers said VOTF's true purpose is to undermine the Church's teachings and the authority of bishops by surreptitiously advocating the ordination of women, marriage for priests, and changes in the Church's teachings on sexuality. VOTF was formed this year in a wealthy suburb of Boston in response to the ongoing scandal of clergy sex abuse. A few thousand members attended the group's first convention this past summer.

Other bishops who have banned VOTF from diocesan property, although some of the bans are not complete, include Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Camden, New Jersey, and Bishop William Murphy of Rockville Centre, New York.

Local VOTF leader Theresa Padovano criticized Archbishop Myers' decision. "Whose parish is it? Whose money built those facilities?" she demanded.


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Domenico Bettinelli replies: "They belong to the Church which includes the 99 percent of Catholics who disagree with you and your efforts to undermine the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church. "

Amen, Domenico! Couldn't have said it better myself!


Comments from Carol McKinley of Faithful Voice:

The Boston Herald is reporting that "Key Catholic Charities board members believe it is their "moral duty'' to accept $50,000 in donations from the Catholic dissident group Voice of the Faithful, and are gearing up for a showdown with Bernard Cardinal Law when the money is formally offered to the archdiocese next week. "

Surely there has been some misunderstanding. Look at the above paragraph. Seems to me like even Eric Convey and Tom Mashberg have figured it out. They have (finally) labeled VOTF "dissident". I guess it just got to the point where even the press had to dismiss VOTF's denials in the face of the overwhelming evidence. There certainly was no denying it once Jim Post asked the parishioners of North Andover to sue their pastor and Bishop. What kind of civility in relationships in that parish will be left after taking Mr. Post's advice? Even the leading members of "Parish Voice" in North Andover have formally complained of the tactics of the National VOTF office. They have taken public actions, on more than one occasion, contrary to the expressed wishes of St. Michael's Parish Voice. St. Michael's Parish Voice didn't have much of a "voice" when it came time for making decisions - ask them.

I guess this is what it boils down to - - nobody is denying anyone's right to exist, to meet, to "dialogue". What we are doing is objecting to what is being presented as Roman Catholic under the roof of the Roman Catholic Church. We have done the investigating - listened to the "dialogue" and have the evidence. We have drawn the sad but undeniable conclusion. VOTF's ideas of structural change are simply not Roman Catholic.

How can there continue to be such grave errors in judgment? We have documented that VOTF has associated itself with Leonard Swidler and is planning to implement a Constitution of Laity under his direction - - and the kicker is - they are trying to call it Roman Catholic.

Muller's statement of association with Leonard Swidler and the Constitution of Laity

Just in case you haven't seen it - here is Swidler's Constitution itself - Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church

[Swidler is a notorious dissenter. —JM]

Here is Sheldon Daly of VOTF (Brockton Enterprise 10/01/02):

"Voice of the Faithful is calling on the laity to exert more control over the governance of the Catholic Church and put an end to 'pay, pray and obey' Catholicism. In Brockton Monday night, the gathering talked about forming panels of lay parishioners who would interview potential parish priests during a strict hiring process that would also include background checks, references and visits to parishes where priests previously served. “It’s important for us to be able to choose our priests instead of just accepting whoever they shoot down the pike,” John McDonough, a parishioner at St. Patrick’s Church, said. Sheldon and Nancy Daly of Hingham, among the original founders of Voice of the Faithful when it started in January at St. John the Evangelist Church in Wellesley, addressed the group that included many people from towns surrounding Brockton. Sheldon Daly said a parish board for hiring priests may soon be formed in the Hingham parish of St. Paul’s, where they are members.

They went on to further say - if they can be "hired" they can be "fired".

What a sad state of affairs.

Could there possibly be members of Catholic Charities who would align themselves against their Archbishop and the Roman Catholic Religion and call it their "moral duty"? You know what is scary? They can't scripturally relate their actions. Are they placing the value of any amount of money over the betrayal to the Mystical Body of Christ?

George Weigel is right - we are, and have been in schism. All that is happening now is - - through the Holy Spirit - we are finding out who stands with the Magisterium and who stands against Her.

Lets get on our knees for the next week and pray for those who are making this most important decision for Catholic Charities and for the unity of the Archdiocese of Boston.


The Pilot: Beware the ‘latest novelty’

Imagine a scenario in which a pastor had to choose between his job and courageously teaching the truth to his congregation. After all, if one can be hired, one can also be fired.

You don't have to imagine this. It happens every day. Orthodox priests frequently have to look over their shoulders to stay out of trouble.

St. Paul continues saying that "The time is sure to come when far from being content with sound teaching, people will be avid for the latest novelty and collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes; and then, instead of listening to the truth, they will turn to myths."

This is precisely what dissent is all about.

"More recently, at the opening session of the Boston College program, "The Church in the 21st Century" (See Pilot 9/27), Kenneth Woodward advised "would-be Church reformers? to ?look before you leap. I see no reason," he said, "why the Catholic Church should imitate those declining mainline Protestant denominations which" institutionalize lay leadership. Would-be Church reformers would do well to study the Protestant experience, where they would learn that tyranny by committee can be as stifling as tyranny by hierarchy."

Woodward is onto something here. VOTF would be wise to pay attention on this point. They are sounding like a mob. Tyranny by committee is almost exactly what we have now in most dioceses. A bishop once told me that, "A committee is a way to avoid anyone having to take responsibility." It didn't stop him from continuing to appoint tryannical committees.

This is the problem with the USCCB. It has no juridical authority, yet bishops who hold the God-given authority in their diocese continue deferring to both the USCCB and diocesan committees. Even when they disagree with them.


Thursday, October 10, 2002

I think I can solve this dilimma. VOTF should just click on my PayPal button and donate that $50,000 to Mallon's Media Watch. That way, we can solve this split between the Cardinal and Catholic Charities, and spare VOTF the embarrassment of having all this money on their hands. As a matter of fact, I think I have a moral obligation to accept that money, eh, gang? I can make a case for that. I'll put it to good use. Waddya say, VOTF? Jim Post? I'll take it off your hands. I promise to put it to good use! Somebody has to bite the bullet around here.

$50G donation puts Law in pickle

Key Catholic Charities board members believe it is their ``moral duty'' to accept $50,000 in donations from the Catholic dissident group Voice of the Faithful, and are gearing up for a showdown with Bernard Cardinal Law when the money is formally offered to the archdiocese next week.

Is the Laborer Worth His Wage?

Well, friends, I broke down and did it, I added a paypal donation button. I didn't originally plan to, but as I mentioned below I lost my day job last Friday, due to budget cuts, with no severence and benefits through the end of the month, after which I can maintain them on COBRA. I have a BA and MA in theology, but It is very hard to get a job in the Church if you are orthodox, not that I'd want to work for a diocese at this point anyway. The last time I did it almost killed me, literally. In any case it left me with huge debt resulting from illness. But I'm not complaining, when you sign on to follow Christ, he takes you through some pretty hairy places, the cross is part of the package. I'll keep you informed.

I plan to continue writing on Church matters, but it would be nice to actually get pay and benefits for it, without having to compromise my faith or my public witness to it.

Prayers (as well as donations) Would be gratefully accepted!
God bless you!

PS: I am not just sitting around blogging! I am looking for work, mostly on the phone. I'll keep you informed.

One Man's Struggle

A reader, the author, sent this link:

Spiritual Malpractice

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Look at Me! Look at Me!

Tim Drake writes a rueful goodbye to the Blogging world. Happily, he has somewhere better to go: fatherhood. So I left the following in his comment box. I hope it doesn't sound sarcastic, or like I'm having a major pity party, and I'm certainly not bashing Tim. There is much truth in what he says.

Tim writes:

"Admittedly, I've also grown tired of the entire blogging trend. Perhaps it's just me, but isn't it a prideful thing? We're saying to the world - "Hey, HEY - look at me! Look at what I have to say. It's so much more important than what X or Y has to say." How does blogging contribute to the world if eventually everyone in the world has their own blog and is talking only to themselves? Isn't this the eventual outcome of blogging?"

Yeah, so? :)

Well, Tim, for those of us without friends, families, children or jobs it's one way of trying to get out the Good News --yes sometimes the not-so-good news of ourselves—but hopefully, more of Jesus. (Yes, I do have family—but none closer than 500 miles away, and a very few friends closer than that in this 3% Catholic state—Illness has kept me from moving.)

After crying in the wilderness for 20 years I'll use any medium I can to call attention to the evil of dissent and the Glory of the Church, which dissent and sin, so often obscures.

Does that paypal thing actually work? Do people actually contribute? How can I get it on my blog? (Actually, I thought it was kind of tacky, but since I lost my day job...)

Cliques? Yes, they probably do exist in St. Blogs, but then I've never been in a parish where I wasn't on the outskirts. (If I say I'm marginalized, can I claim victim status and get some money?)

Well, Tim, you're a great fellow, and we'll miss you. You kiss that baby for me everyday and love him or her when she comes. Cancer took away my ability to have children while I was single, (as I still am) so I blog.

Now about that paypal...

God bless,
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"Catholics" For a "Free Choice" does it again! Oh, Frances!

Clergy abuse issue heads to UN

Contrast with my article of 1999:

John Mallon - U.N. Idea Makes Families Yield Control
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Say what you will about Goodbye Good Men, it had to be written, and God bless Michael Rose for taking the heat. Killing Michael Rose

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

My Old Friend Father Matt Lamb Weighs in on Dissent

Father Matthew Lamb on Theology & Dissent on National Review Online

No adequate diagnosis of the contributory causes of the Catholic-priest-abuse scandals can overlook the role of dissent among theologians. I am afraid that we theologians have failed to acknowledge our own failures and the lies, to use St. Augustine's strong language, which we have been communicating in our teaching and writings.

To what extent, for example, have we been responsible for students losing or weakening their Catholic faith and moral, virtuous practice? Our society does not force one to belong to a particular religion. When theologians claim to be Catholic, while dissenting from important Church teachings, they are living a lie. They hold theological positions that might be espoused in another Christian denomination, but instead of honestly joining that denomination, they claim they are still Catholic.

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James Carroll sings the praises of Ted Kennedy

Antiwar then, antiwar now

One's status as an "ex-priest" does not automatically make one an authority on the Church ... Rather more like a disgruntled ex-employee...

James Carroll the Pope basher and was one of the major advisors to VOTF at the Hynes Auditorium on July 20 , 2002

Another interception



This came my way...the odd thing is that Sean Fouts is a VOTF member.


Our Sunday Visitor published a letter to the editor I wrote in response to Jean Westerman's letter to the editor. I thought some of you might like to see it.

Sean Fouts


Jean Westerman makes the claim that VOTF's message board was shut down due to offensive and discourteous posts.

Ms. Westerman failed to provide examples of discourteous and offensive posts that were deleted. It would be hard for her to do so. The truth is, posts were deleted because they criticized VOTF's decision to invite Debra Haffner, a pro-child sex advocate, to their conference. Instead of admitting their mistake and apologizing, they at first attempted to individually delete any post on the subject. I myself was a victim of VOTF's censorship in this area. My offensive and discourteous crime? Simply asking why VOTF invited a pro-child sex advocate to its conference and providing the actual quotes from Haffner advocating child sex.

On the other hand, there is a post still available for reading on VOTF's message board that compares the whole Catholic Church to the Mafia. Others claim that Cardinal Law is possibly a member of Opus Dei and therefore it should be no surprise that he covers up sexual abuse. Another post wonders if the Vatican is a "false god." All of these posts are still there for viewing, presumably because VOTF considers them courtous and non-offensive.


Wow! Look at This!

I was searching the Boston Globe archives and came across this! All Caps and all! (I'd link it but it's in the archives. I actually paid to get it, it was so priceless!)


Date: September 14, 2002 Page: A12 Section: Letters




Prayer Request

I haven't done this before on this blog but I am asking for prayers, for myself. For budgetary reasons I was let go from my press secretary job with an Oklahoma state agency. I originally came to Oklahoma to be communications director and newspaper editor for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City. The archdiocesan clergy became incensed over the hiring of someone of such outspoken orthodoxy and went to work behind the scenes to have me forced out. (Here is the partial story of that in the St. Catherine Review.)

After three years they suceeded, and the ordeal took a terrible toll on my health and I incurred tremendous debt. I had been unable to work full time until about this past year when I worked for the state. I am still writing for Inside the Vatican Magazine but working for any orthodox operation in the Church is financially risky and involves sacrifice. I have to make above a certain amount so I can clear my debts (a loooong process) as well as live. I will work on getting my resume up on my other website at PetersVoice.Com. (I hope this is not too self-serving, but heck, if you've got a blog you might as well use it!)

All prayers graciously accepted!
God bless you,
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Monday, October 07, 2002

Winchester Area VOTF- Weekly Newsletters from Wellesley "The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who in time of crisis choose the middle road."? Attributed to JFK [Quoted in a VOTF Newsletter]

Now, what was VOTF saying about being "centrist?"

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Lots of Good Stuff on the Faithful Voice Website:

What Could Bring On Same-Sex Attraction in Boys
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The Website of FaithfulVoice, the orthodox lay group in the Boston area: FaithfulVoice

Thank you!
(Somebody posted my Globe article on their website. (I just lost my day job, I need all the exposure I can get!)

Voice of the Faithful is Not the Church
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Sunday, October 06, 2002

St. Michael's N. Andover, Mass.

Eagle-Tribune Online
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Voodoo Potion

The Bishop, The Scandal And His Plan (

Thirty-three people, including three priests, said they had been abused by priests. The local newspaper reported sex parties in rectories, a church-sponsored youth camp run by an alleged pedophile, a male prostitute who stole checks from a priest-client, a "homosexual ring" operating out of the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, a priest who impregnated a 16-year-old and then gave her a voodoo potion to induce an abortion.


Would VOTF deny this is happening?

... If it is, that could disappoint many Roman Catholics -- both progressives who view the scandal as an opportunity to empower the laity and renew consideration of married priests and the ordination of women, as well as conservatives who see the scandal as a clarion call to reemphasize church teachings on homosexuality, divorce, birth control and priestly celibacy.