Mallon's Media Watch

Mallon's Media Watch

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Support Mark Shea!

Mark Shea is a shining example of the kind of apostle when I wrote this article, Lay Mendicants for Inside the Vatican. He has given his life to serving the Lord, depending only on Providence, he has put his life where his mouth is. This is nerve wracking enough when you are single like me, but Mark has a family. That's guts. If he received financial compensation for half of what he gives of himself in tracking down and exposing foolishness and other attacks on the Truth of God he could probably retire. I strongly urge anyone who can to donate to his quartly pledge drive using the PayPal button on his site. Also buy his books and tapes!

—John Mallon, Contributing Editor, Inside the Vatican magazine.

PS: If you have anything left over, you can then make a donation to me! Use PayPal button at left...