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Mallon's Media Watch

Saturday, December 04, 2004

New Website From Michael Rose on Church Architecture

Church architecture - Architettura della chiesa


Wednesday, December 01, 2004

From Friday Fax:

December 1, 2004

GIVE NOW......

Dear Colleague,

Somewhere in Kenya right this minute a young pro-lifer is besieged by
International Planned Parenthood Federation. IPPF is fighting to force
Kenya to accept abortion on demand.

Somewhere in Chile a young mother is fighting the efforts of a UN
apparatchik to force her children to learn the most brutal kind of sex-ed.

Somewhere in Vietnam a mother and father are considering having a third
child but know they will come under attack from their own government.

Somewhere within the UN offices there is a Christian woman who must keep
her faithfulness secret so that she will not be persecuted by her radical

What each of these people has in common is they all rely on the Friday
Fax. Each has found that the only place they can find information about
how to fight the nasty efforts of IPPF, various UN agencies, their own
governments is in the Friday Fax.

We created the Friday Fax seven years ago with the intention of shining a
bright spotlight on the nefarious efforts of UN radicals and others to
force their shameful social ideology on others. For this work, we have
been vilified. We are not welcome at UN meetings, though we go anyway. We
come under direct attack from UN radicals and their friends.

And here is the thing. We do not care. We stand with the young mothers
everywhere who seek to protect their children. We stand with mothers and
fathers who are frankly pro-natal. We stand with the unborn. We stand
against the dominant ethos at the UN.

Friends, we come to you twice a year asking for your assistance. We are
now in the fifth week of our six week fund drive. We have collected
$27,630. Frankly, we are behind.

In the next two weeks we must raise an additional $22,370. As you ponder
whether to give this year, I ask you to consider the people you are
helping. You are helping those around the world who are under daily

I ask you to help the young pro-lifer in Kenya, the young Chilean mother,
the married couple in Vietnam and, yes, the young Christian in the UN
Secretariat. Each of them relies upon the Friday Fax and therefore relies
upon your sacrificial generosity in supporting the only weekly source of
pro-life and pro-family news coming out of UN headquarters each week.

We have an urgent need to raise $22,370 in the next two weeks. I urge you
not to wait, rather go now to and give
as much as you can. Honestly, we need some big donors to step in this
week. We are profoundly grateful for donations of $10 and $20. In fact,
this is how we get to our over all total. But we are so far behind right
now; we need a big donor or three to come to the fore.

Friends, it is not just we at the Friday Fax who are counting on you, but
all those around the world who rely upon the Friday Fax for their UN news.
Give now:

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse

PS For those more comfortable giving via regular mail, our address is:

C-FAM/Friday Fax
1413 K Street NW
Suite 1000
Washington DC 20005