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Friday, November 01, 2002

Envoy Mag Launces a Blog!

Envoy Encore
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Walkout ends church healing session

"We are very disappointed there was no discussion. The parish council did their part to bring us together and we were hoping it would bear fruit," said John Vellante, who was joined by Stacey Quealey and Kathleen Potter in representing the Voice of the Faithful.

They said that an open and vocal community included the willingness to consider ideas because that makes the church more open and accessible.

"We all believe that we are part of the body of Christ. We help each other with the truth. I think it is important to encourage openness," said Potter.

"I don't think by questioning you are being insubordinate," said Vellante.

What dissenters don't get (or pretend not to get) is that the Church has no problem with questioning. The 2,000 year-old Catholic intellectual tradition bears that out. The problem comes when the given answers are rejected, and those doing the rejecting demand the answers be changed to suit them, so they can continue calling themselves Catholic while rejecting Catholic beliefs.

Contrary to dissident propaganda, Catholic truth does not derive from unending "diolougue" but Divine Revelation. There are conclusions. Diolougue in good faith may deepen one's understanding of that Revelation, but it is disingenuous to use diolougue to give the impression that the jury is still out on certain questions while sowing dissent against those teachings.

It might be a good idea to read the Catechism before demanding "diolougue." If what is put forth in the Catechism offends one's conscience one may be obliged to seek another religion—or honestly consider the possibility that you might be wrong while 2,000 years of Tradition just might know something you don't.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

More on the Wellstone Memorial debacle

Honor & Civility: R.I.P.
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Wellstone Farewell Becomes Political

I was very moved by the tributes to Senator Paul Wellstone. I'm a softie. I can tear up easily. What a tribute to a man to have his sons and colleagues say such beautiful words about you to an arena full of people you served. Yes, I was moved. Until it turned into a political rally, with Terry McCauliffe and Bill Clinton giving each other thumbs up.

I don't know much about Sen. Wellstone. But the words of tribute from Tony Snow, Peggy Noonan and other conservatives convinced me he was the real deal. A liberal, yes, but an honest good man, who was able to genuinely like people he disagreed with wildly. This is an increasingly rare and refreshing thing. So I was sad when he died. Besides, I just find death so damn sad.

His rebublican opponent was so gracious about suspending his campaign activities, saying "This is a time for prayer. This is a time for prayer."

Unfortunately, the dem party bosses didn't feel the same way. Despite the GOP graciousness, they rebuked the GOP for being "political." They disinvited Dick Cheney for an innocent remark. Perhaps they just didn't want to be upstaged by having the highest elected official in the room be a Republican, who came to pay his respects on behalf of the President.

The Wellstone memorial Service is now all over the talk shows. It was quite remarkable. With all due respect to the solemnnity of the occasion it quickly became a much-needed Democrat pep rally. It was broadcast live, but remarkably well stage-managed, with Harkin ending (cut off?) by the band just in time for the 11 o'clock news (EST).

Harkin had one beautiful line if I can recall it correctly, "Nobody wears the title 'Senator' so well or uses it less."

I tuned in when one of the sons was speaking, Dave, I think. Then the young one with curly hair. Then Harkin, building from personal reflection to a rally. Watch the end, especially, the climax. There is a tight shot of VP & Mrs. Mondale and a big sustained cheer goes up. Moments later in the same shot, pulled back some you see Terry McCaulif whispering to Bill, finishing with a thumbs up. Interesting.

Not to be cynical, (moi?) earlier, during an applause pause when the camera panned to Hillary and Bill, her face was in that hard scowel that hangs on her face in repose. Bill of course was ready: Big smile, head savoring everyword and savouring that the camerea is on him as as he says to himself (?) Thaht's raght, thaht's raght! to the speakers works. Hillary instantly realized the camera was on her and broke into her bright smile as if it were a natural transition... It reminded me of Peggy Noonan's book, The Case Against Hillary Clinton.

The event, and what it became, struck me as a remarkable and unique--perhaps unprecidented--moment in the history of American political rhetoric. Ya think?

They rebuked Dick Cheney for politicizing and then ... this? I think Rush was predicting this.

Whenever I see dems in wild celebration on their concern for the "little guy," for me it is all trumped by thier "choice" to ignore the one child left behind—4,000 times a day.

Again not to be cynical, and with all due respect for the dead and thier families, whom I pray for, one is forced to the conclusion that the dems "needed" this tragic as it and do not see it as exploitation. They have been starved for the "gravitas" death provides.

The Senator is honored in death by giving his life to "keep hope alive."


Shame on the democrats who passed up an opportunity to show the same class Senator Wellstone was lauded for.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Yo, Frances!

Catholic feminist cancels speech ?

The ["Catholics for a Free Choice"] Web site states that CFFC, working in the Catholic social justice tradition, is affiliated with Catholic Organizations for Renewal and the Women-Church Convergence, both based in the United States and with the European Network// hurch on the Move.

To put it another way: TheCFFC Web site means that CFFC attempting to hijack the Catholic social justice tradition is affiliated and directly involved in the killing of unborn children baptizing the practice and calling it a "right."
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Sigh. Mark Shea has Arrived! He's hit the big time. Someone has erected a blog for the sole purpose of attacking him. I guess someone told them thay needed a hobby and took them up on it. Mark, I'm green with envy! You really must be doing something right!

Smarter Mark Shea

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your prayers again! Once again, I did not have to undergo removal of a kidney stone by cystoscopy. After another round of IVP X-rays I was given a clean bill of health, a shot, some antibiotics, etc, etc, but my kidneys looked great and that is the end of it, after a greuling week and a half.

Thanks be to God and to you for your prayers, and thank you for continuing to visit Mallon's Media Watch to check in even when I was unable to post.

God bless you!
In Christ,
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As a Catholic??

Well, Mzz (Mass. Gubinatorial candidate Shannon) O'Brien, as a Catholic and a human being I am outraged that you are a flaming pro-abort making statements "as a Catholic."

Gov hopefuls tiptoe around church abuse scandal

O'Brien, asked the same questions, said, ``As a Catholic and a mother, I am outraged that priests abused children.

"It is even more appalling the church took steps to cover up the abuse rather than protect kids.''

While you boast of supporting killing them in the womb...

She also said, "I have a very strong personal opinion about Cardinal Law's leadership, but I believe in the separation of church and state, and as such, this should not be a political issue.''

Well, Shannon, time will make clear what the words "A woman's right to choose" are a cover for...

Monday, October 28, 2002

Please keep up the prayers, I am still under the weather. I have to have another IVP X-Ray tomorrow, and may have to have a stone removed. Many thanks.